The kind of photography I do is not planned, ever since I was a kid I had things on my mind that I wanted to show, and also the way I see the world, I did not start being a genius in photography or arts; my first paintings and drawings were a shame, but I have always been curious, and persistent, the reason why I mention this is because painting is what drove to my actual photography career, also when kid I use to watch the greats landscapes around the world on the Natural Geographic Magazine pages, and I remember myself thinking someday I want to take pictures like that, I believe I have reached a quality I was looking for, but there is still much to learn, to say I know enough is not right, because since my curiosity, self motivation for learning and God I wouldn’t capturing the beautiful places I go wherever I see, so there is a long path still to walk.

Most part of my work is about imaginary,




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  1. Hello Anthon,

    My name is Laurent Javault (french, so excuse my english). I’m editing a web magazine (www.earthtalent.net) for my client and I’ve decided to write a post about Amazon Cares after I’ve seen your so “human/animal” pictures. I like it very much, your look is really smart, respectful, sensible.
    So. I took two of your pictures in order to illustrate the article but you can obviously ask me to delete it.
    obviously, I credite you with link to your blog (and link to amazoncares site also)



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