My Official Website!

Well some of you know I already have an official website but it has been off for sometime and I didn’t take time myself to focus on the website, since I am renewing everything my website is also suffering the changes for good, something that was not right was that I got hacked by some idiots, fortunately I got rid of it, now I am using a better service provider, anyways so since I am moving officially to the website in some more time I was thinking on moving also the blog definitively to the brand new site! New look, better service and yeah more privacy, anyways I still love this site of WordPress but you guys can still follow me since is a wordpress site! So is Good News, now tutorials will be on my new site through YouTube of course so you can enjoy more content, you can help by sharing, commenting, giving likes, your opinions are important. 

About photography

the best camera is the one you have on hand

I love this toy!