Yeah guys I’m still alive just a way to say I am back, I am sorry I haven’t posted anything on the last months, but well I really went through a very difficult situation some friends know about this but this never stops me =) I always come back and better, definitively my photography has gone much better since last time and since when I began for the first time shooting my camera.

On the last months I have been working on my new Fine Art Portfolio which comes to be my official portfolio and also working on the new website to come, I am still working on the shots because I want them to be epic, just like I like it; it is a bit difficult to work with few instruments actually I am just using my SONY ALPHA 330 and my couple of lenses telephoto and wide angle, those are my big instruments and also my imaginations, I really need to upgrade my gear however it has been a little hard that overall with the things that happened last time.

anyways here are a few sample on the last months shots I really hope you enjoy it and that you can share it.



I will be publishing much more on the next weeks so guys keep updated this time invite your friends to share my blog and for sure there will be much more.

welcome back readers


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