Katherinne – Golden Lights

In my own case I particularly prefer working on special pictures; pictures that bring something to the viewer and also the one who I’ve taken the pictures, not the kind of common pictures I can only take with my camera, but apart from that, making it special, if I’d shoot only common pictures my mind would get blocked, I always need to do something that goes beyond that, well these pictures are not that cover like images, just something simple, but special at the same time, I used natural light, my usual lens filters, well camera calibration and a bit of reflection, the rest is just camera adjustment and a bit of creativity in post processing. In some shots I used golden lights to create that light texture I wanted, all of my stock is shot with my Sony Alpha camera; long ago I had shot the sunset through some leaves, one of my friends saw me taking pictures and she just asked why I was shooting that pointless image, well all I told her that she would see it in the future why.

I had some ideas in my head I wanted something simple, but very well done pictures; what it helps from Katherine is that she has beautiful eyes, and she is beautiful also, so I chose to do it on sunset to give it that warm effect on the tones, after that I had to process a bit the raw files because the camera doesn’t do it all, so I enriched a bit more the tones, a little of warming on the white balances help a lot.

well… people enjoy, like, comment and share. =)

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Anthon Cauper http://www.facebook.com/anthoncauper


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