The Mall – Story Behind the Picture

Long ago I went out with a friend during those boring days I use to have, well we spend most port of the afternoon visiting the stores and we went to a mall in Lima, specifically in San Miguel, Peru,

dunno exactly if this is where the mall is located but this is the district

well she took her time shopping I was only standing out waiting completely bored, during winter Lima uses to have a very depressing sky, however I saw how light on the sky started changing, and soon it became beautiful, unfortunately I was not sure about taking or not my camera out in a crowded place, when the day was about to leave, I decided I would take my camera and start shooting, oops,

I never knew it was forbidden to shoot my camera in a mall, even though I was only shooting the landscape and not the mall, after some shots, a man approached to me and he told me it was forbidden to take pictures in the mall, I guess it wasn’t that, I guess most people get scared when they see a big camera, I am sure any guy or girl with a point and shoot camera taking themselves photos wouldn’t have been bothered by the guards, anyways I just put my camera on its place and said sorry, they didn’t specifically asked me to delete the pictures, so… one of the shots I keep from that day is this, I swapped the sky, and did some post processing to get a great final picture even though the depressing mood. so well guys, hope you enjoy it.



just a before after vertical comparison.

and here the final shot.

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One response to “The Mall – Story Behind the Picture

  1. I’ve had the same thing in Vancouver, Canada. Had a small video camera out and a security guard came and shut us down. Something about private property and no permission to shoot.

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