Pegasus in Shadows

While I was on a trip a client contacted me to do a special shot for her, she told me the idea and what she wanted, after talking for some time we set up the the place for the shot and the day, the place chosen was the beach of Ancon;

my photo set place

Ancon is a place located on the north coasts of Lima in Peru, personally I never visited this place, I always watched it on television programs, but well, I really loved this place, is so quiet and peaceful without the noise of the city most of us are used to, I am sure sunrises and sunsets must be something magical to watch on Ancon, I am going to visit this place again but this time to do some personal shots of the place, during my photo set to this model I could only take photos for the Pegasus picture.

well this photo was worked as a Fine Art photography, caring for the most minimum detail, since Pegasus has wings I had to see the way how I could make the wings for this horse, I studied some pictures of winged horses and also the wings of birds, obviously I could not use any wings and just place it on the horse, I analyzed the idea and well, I decided I would make the wings digitally painted, it was an slow process but I love the results, after I had finished with painting the wings I had to work on make the photo realistic, with little details and some extra work, the picture was finally done.

if you would like to see the photo here it is

by the way the girl is German that’s why the German flag dress

© 2011 Anthon Cauper -  All rights reserved

© 2011 Anthon Cauper -  All rights reserved

if you would like to hire this model message me.

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