Visit to the Boras!!! Yeah!

During my stay in Iquitos I always wanted to visit the Bora Tribe for so many different reasons I couldn’t do it, but during the last days Iquitos I decided myself I would do it, so I went, you will go through a long trip by the river nanay, will a lot of jungle, and finally they are there! the boras! well they are not wild now, most of them live in the town and you will clearly see the poverty they live in, I could see most of the kids have skin diseases, and in their eyes you can see needfulness, I just had some minutes on the visit, the price for the visit each is $7 or $ 8 I guess, and you have to rent a boat each person is 2 soles, and a motorcar till bellavista dock is 3 soles the equivalent of $1, well i hope you can see the photos and comment about it =)
ps: I’ll upload more photos as soon as I get a computer


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