Day X – Trip To Iquitos

Ever heard of hunting dogs? well in some cases the staff of Amazon Cares have to do it with the street dogs, this happened today, they were hunting dogs on a area of Iquitos, I could see some little houses, a friendly kid talking to me while waiting for the people that went to leave the dogs and come back for more, the heat of the this town is just so much, I had to run to get a bottle of cold water so I could be fine, after waiting for the people to take me back to the place where the vets were working and taking some photos, I was finally taking photos of the people working, long day with so many dogs, after work, we headed to the Belen Market, we had to be careful because we heard we had to be very careful with this area because of the thiefs, well we visited and we were fine, always go in groups, we got some hamacs, and yeah after seeing some stuffs of the market we were ready to get back our place.


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