Day VIII – Visit to the Island of the Monkeys – Trip To Iquitos

Day off!!! yeah!!! we had a visit to the island of monkeys, after a trip of about 40 minutes by the nanay river we crossed the amazon and through the amazon river finally to the island of the monkeys, the first thing i saw? a black monkey! welcoming the whole group, once you are finally on the place, a loooooot of monkeys there trying to climb on me! it was interesting at first, but i had to care of my camera, i didn’t want any wild animal destroying my camera, one of the monkeys was trying to look into the lens, hahaha, the dirt the monkey left on me caused me scratches, and it got worst when we went to another place where there were more monkeys, I just don’t understand why these monkeys wanted to climb on me, that was fine but when one of these monkeys bite me, I wouldn’t let any monkey get close, I’m not a vet and I don’t understand the behavior of these animals, I just do photography and for some reasons I don’t know these monkeys were around me, anyways I got really good photos of the visit to this place, the monkeys and yeah the vets with the monkeys, it was a great experience, I mean the visit, not the to be bitten by monkeys. The way back was great i just relaxed on the seat with the soft breeze, and the water, it was great, when we arrived to Iquitos I felt so relaxed of just the breeze and the calm on the way back =). After washing from the dirt the monkeys left on me, we were ready to visit the Casa Fitzcarrald, mostly because I was hungry, I needed food urgently! XD, the place is really nice with a swimming pool, good food, a very nice place, I climbed on the tree house to watch the city, great! i got some shots from the top of the tree house, also made Jillie one of the vet nurses come with me till the top of the tree house, climbing that long tires anyone, i was fine but she was tired, well we had a long day too, because we walked around the island of the monkeys, anyways, after everyone had been in the pool, it was time to go back home, a part of the group to the jungle, and another group to the city.
can’t wait to know more this place of Iquitos!


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