Day IV – Trip To Iquitos

During this day we had the visit of the major of the district of san juan to the campaign place, so our famous journalist kourtney interviewed the major, the major had a look art the work the organization Amazon Cares is doing, when i was done taking the photos of the work of the day, and it was time for lunch already we needed to go as fast as posible to a restaurant, my stomach was asking for food please XD, hahaha, so to get back to our place we took a buss, oops, is that a fast transport? XD, nah, we just wanted to go in the buss, and had the experience to be on a wood made buss, which it was nice, i got some photos of that, then we had to go the post office for a moment, while coming back we had a shambo ice cream of aguaje, wich it was so good in this hot weather, back our place and after gotten some lunch, we’ve got to rest a bit and I had to download the pictures of the day, do some editions, well till night.
time for dinner, yeah! I am hungry!… XD but we were having a very rain, the last days have been raining suddenly and heavily, so we had to find a close place where to eat, we found a restaurant were we had a pisco sour, and I had chicken, i just needed to eat, for the time of coming back the rain was heavier, but still it was fresh after having a very hot weather, here I’ll show you the photos


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