Day III – in Iquitos

Thursday, having a cloudy but very nice morning, after staying up till very late last night doing some editions, a cold shower and a good breakfast helps a lot, we went to look a place for having breakfast after walking several blocks and a long time, we finally found a place, the first place didn’t have hot water for coffee, the second only served ice cream, and the third was OK, we had omelets coffee and I had a juice, then it was time to head our place to start working (shooting photos of the volunteers working XD). After we were done we had to start working on the images till late, then we had to look for a place to have dinner, not so far from our place there are some good restaurants. anyways I’ll show you the photos of the day.

a good operation to start the day

what are you doing cutie? I’m waiting for my puppy…

I didn’t say anything for you to put me this thing on me!..

wake up! wake up kittie! or I’ll loose my job

they’ve got a lot of dogs they had some more dogs on the ground

more coming tomorrow, this is updated everyday so keep checking 😉
Anthon Cauper


One response to “Day III – in Iquitos

  1. As always, great photos. I would have had trouble looking at the surgeries! How wonderful of these volunteers to go there and take care of so many pets. Doesn’t it feel good to be a part of it?

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