Trip to Iquitos

It has been nice to have such great people to work with here at Iquitos with Amazon Cares, the volunteers are doing a great job with animals, I am trying to get the best photos I am able of the work being done, I never saw a city where there are only motorcars instead of cars, and also the first time I see buses made of wood, well half wood half metal, the transit of vehicles is really busy, this morning while going to the campaign place the motorcar i was going in, almost crash with a motorbike, same when I was coming from the airport, the motorcars were driving so close that it was scaring, I don’t want to have an accident because of irresponsible drivers, well that’s Iquitos a lot of motorcars, obviously the bad drivers are few. So far I have only seen 2 cars, when i just here i was wondering, are there cars in this city? XD, is a really nice city, I need to take some more pictures but yeah is my second day here.

*and here are the photos*
starting from the plane

the houses around the river in iquitos

Bienvenidos a iquitos/ read the banner (can you all see the motorcars?

as soon as I arrived I went to take some photos of the volunteers working, but these dogs were asking me for photos first XD

Dog with breathing conection, they need to be like this for surgery

just before the operation

and here they are! finally! the vet volunteers operating to the dogs

cute volunteer smiling at the camera

No! No! I don’t want medicine!, yeah! yeah! you need it! (the volunteer vet and the dog)

cat and his owner

metete con uno de tu tamanio! (the puppy receiving his medicine from the volunteer vet XD)

Volunteer Vet Barbara on the proces of finishing a surgery

waiting for their turn

After a long day and operating a lot of dogs ready to go back home

and there is! the half wood half metal bus

I think this is part of an old church, just shot it on the move

Back at the clinic preparing the instruments for the next day

and yeah going back home, in the middle of the jungle! lol all iquitos is in the middle of the jungle, haha

One of the dogs at the shelter ready to be adopted

Woof!!! Woof!!!
I was shooting inside their place and i a moment i was covered by dogs trying to play with me, i finished with with pet spots on my clothing


Oskar for president!

interviewing Molly Mednikow Director of Amazon Cares by

Vale! catalina. one of the vet volunteers at amazon cares

Going Back to the city

On the Way to Plaza Roja (where wolunteers vets are working)

Here we are and this husky got a collar! 🙂

Cute volunteer vet again and a puppy

Examinating a dog

Oh no! this dog is really sick!

waiting for their turn

Interviewing the staff of amazon cares

A peruvian happy dog getting the tongue out for the photo

volunteer vet working

Can the volunteer vets operate me mommy?

I Love this photo (they were waiting for their dog)

the volunteers working

Volunteer vet Mark operating

we had a nice view of the landscape and moon during dinner

check the blog and follow me on these days, I’ll be adding more photos =)


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